Note: This story appeared in slightly different form on my blog on January 28, 2017.

Yesterday, the annual March for Life took place in Washington, DC. While there are no official estimates of crowd size, it is estimated that “tens of thousands” of people attended the anti-abortion march.

The 2017 March For Life in Washington, DC

This year, the March featured Vice President Mike Pence and presidential advisor, Kellyanne Conway as guest speakers. On the podium, Mike Pence said, “Life is winning again in America.” While Pence was most definitely overestimating anti-abortion sentiment in the United States, he was dramatically underestimating pro-life sentiment in America.

Although I did not attend the march, or even want to attend, I am most definitely pro-life. I consider myself to be pro-life because:

Most importantly, I am pro-life because I am pro-choice. The lives of women, the people who are exclusively assigned to the task of bearing children, matter. No woman should become pregnant simply because she could not access or afford reliable contraception. No woman should risk/lose her life trying to bring a pregnancy to term. No woman should be forced to reward her rapist by producing a child with half his DNA. No woman should be forced to bear another child when she can barely afford the one(s) she already has. No woman should be forced to bear the pain of childbirth when her fetus has already died or will quickly die after its birth due to severe birth defects. No woman should be forced to sacrifice her dreams and aspirations to give birth to a child she is ill-equipped to raise. No woman should ever be subject to compulsory pregnancy and childbearing.

While many of the participants at yesterday’s march wouldn’t characterize me as a pro-lifer, I cannot characterize many of them as pro-life, either. Until pro-lifers stop elevating the well-being of non-viable fetuses over the well-being of the women who carry them and the children who have already been born, they should seriously rethink their decision to call themselves pro-life.

I’m a blogger/novelist/spa housekeeper living the starving artist lifestyle in New York, NY.

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